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1st Winner in Asia Level, UGM Energy Efficient Cars are Moving to England

1st Winner in Asia Level, UGM Energy Efficient Cars are Moving to England

 Thursday, April 19, 2018 | 06:30 WIB            

  UGM Semar Team and UGM Rector Panut Mulyono while taking pictures behind UGM energy-efficient cars. 

YOGYAKARTA, - Energy-efficient cars made by Team Semar UGM won 1st place in Driver's World Championship (DWC) Asia competition competition in early March 2018 in Singapore for the category of urban vehicles. Furthermore, this car will represent Asia in Driver's World Championship (DWC) world level in London, England, on July 8, 2018 to come.

 "The UGM Semar Team Car was ranked first in the urban category in the Asian level competition in Singapore," said Semar UGM Team Manager, Antonius Adhika A., Tuesday (17/4/2018). Andhika explains, Semar Urban Gasoline UGM car is a four-wheeled prototype mobile. This car was developed with the concept of city car. "Fuel gasoline and can travel up to 267 km / liter," he said. (Read also: Smile Jokowi Smile When Growing Children Named Jokowi Todd at Asmat) The car was developed using a strong and lightweight carbon fiber composite as a car body material. Weighs a total of 80 Kg. 

After becoming the first champion at ASIA level, Semar Team will automatically compete in World Driver's World Championship (DWC) competition in London, England on July 8, 2018. Andhika said the DWC competition in London is a prestigious annual event for students worldwide. Each continent can only be represented by 3 vehicles only. "The competition is the most prestigious because the student vehicles from all over the world are competed, we will play against tough teams like from Europe and America," he said. (Read also: Spend Life on Wheelchairs, UGM Students Achieve Top 5 Best Design) According to him, currently, UGM Semar Team only has one month to make improvements. Seeing a short time, the team will prioritize urgent improvements. "Our prioritizing improvement is urgent because early June 2018 should be shipping to London, we will try our best for UGM and Indonesia in London," he said. Meanwhile, UGM Semar Team Coach, Jayan Sentanuhady, said, in the most prestigious event this world, the vehicle is not only tested in terms of speed alone, but at the same time saving fuel. "It needs a hard struggle to compete in the world level later, but fast, but also fuel efficient," he said. The combination of engine performance, vehicle reliability, driving habits in good footwork, and fuel efficiency, he added, became the main challenge in this race. Therefore, to balance and integrate the whole thing, the team made a number of vehicle repairs to achieve the best mileage.

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